Why A Mafia Wars Review Is Usually So Positive

Reading reviews before buying any video game is a wise decision. By reading a review of a game you get the chance to see what other players just like you have to say about the game and decide whether or not you think it´s the type of game you would enjoy. Mafia Wars is a relatively new video game that focuses around the Italian Mafia. With these reviews you get the chance to see what other players had to say about the game before you go out and invest any money in it.

One of the main reasons a Mafia Wars review is usually so positive is because this is such an exciting game. For one thing most gamers review Mafia Wars as being full of excitement and never boring. So if you´re the type of gamer who likes a thrill ride when playing your video games and want to get excited over it, Mafia Wars would be a great game for you to try out. You can choose between different characters before getting started, which is something most players love, because it offers more variety rather than you having to be the same character as everyone else.

For one thing you can choose between a few different players rather than having to stick one for the full duration of the game. This means that players basically get to put themselves in the position of the character and feel as though they´re really in the game, sort of like virtual reality. In the game you start your life as a gangster in New York and Little Italy, and the goal is for you to go around the world and assemble your own mafia. That´s another reason that each Mafia Wars review is usually so positive is because this is such a strategic game.

For your mafia you´re going to need to outfit every single member with weapons and armor and you have only a certain amount of money to work with. Cheats and codes are not only used to help make it through more difficult parts of the game and make things easier, but also to make the game more challenging after you´ve gotten used to it and want to mix things up a bit. For instance some codes will give your enemies more ammunition or make more people that you have to kill to get through a level. You can even find complete strategy guides in books and online.

Reading through Mafia Wars reviews will not only help you decide whether or not this is a game you´ll enjoy playing but as well they will offer tips and ideas you can use if you do decide to play. It´s easy to see after reading even just a few Mafia Wars reviews just how popular this game really is. Mafia Wars definitely has a lot to offer over its competition and is most closely related to the Grand Theft Auto series of games. It´s worth a try and if you head to your local video game store you may even get the chance to try it out before deciding if you want to actually buy it or not.