Sources of Energy

The future power needs of our society require multiple sources, and the answer to increasing demands is the family of diverse energy technologies sharing a common thread: not destroying our environment or depleting the natural resources. Technologies involving renewable energy sources tap the natural systems and cycles, converting the always-present energy around us into more usable forms.
The use of natural and renewable energy sources is required so that dependency on fossil fuels can be minimized. We burn high levels of fossil fuels each day, and this contributes greatly to the pollution of air and dramatic climatic changes. It is important to act now, so that we can save earth from devastation.
Advantages of Clean Energy
There are many benefits of using the renewable and natural energy sources. Wind, tides, sun and geothermal activities are renewable, and freely available, all the time. There is initial cost of wind turbines, solar panels, and geothermal equipment, but later, the consumer has to bear only the maintenance cost. The dependency on the fossil fuel supplies can be eliminated, and it is possible to become energy efficient. If there is infrastructure in place that can generate energy from renewable natural sources, we will not have to bother about running out of coal, oil and gas supplies.
Using natural and clean energy sources is also a step towards reducing the effects of global warming. Carbon emission is not only prevalent in heavy industries, but in the average household as well. A small step such as recycling and reusing can significantly impact environment around us positively.
Using solar panels is a good way to generate the renewable and clean energy that can power the remote appliances. Solar hot water panels and solar electricity panels are the two main forms of solar cells existing today. This technology is advancing fast, and now the photovoltaic power is being used for more efficient solar panel designs.
Using wind turbines is a good way to get clean and renewable energy for home or business purposes. It is a very promising alternative for future energy growth, and also reduces carbon emission. For home purpose, it is very easy to buy a cheap, low efficiency wind turbine.
The ground contains significant amount of energy in the form of heat, and this energy can be tapped to generate geothermal power that can produce large amounts of electricity. However, there are very few locations all over the world that are capable of producing efficient and viable electricity from geothermal sources. Dry steam, binary-cycle and flash-steam are the three main power plant designs using geothermal as the energy source.