Learning How To Subpoena Phone Records If The Time Ever Comes

There are certain situations in which you would want to know how to subpoena phone records. For anyone who has been receiving harassing phone calls and being stalked, this is probably the most common reason phone records are obtained. Subpoenaing is the legal process of obtaining pertinent information to a court case. Even if no physical crime has been committed, harassing behavior such as phone calls and stalking are still crimes.

You only really have to worry about getting a subpoena for phone records if they are someone else’s. Remember, if you need to get yours for proof all you have to do is contact your telephone provider and they should be more than happy to help you out. If you wanted to get a copy of your own, whether you needed it as proof or for another purpose, all you would have to do is contact your telephone service provider. Once they have confirmed your identity they should be more than willing to go ahead and send you a copy of your phone records for the time requested.

Phone records are important and are often the determining factor in a court case. People hardly ever consider the fact that who they are calling on their phone could possibly be used against them in the future. Especially in cases of infidelity where a couple is going through a divorce settlement, this could have a startling impact on the turnout of the case. Infidelity is not only considered as being major to the people involved in the relationship but also in a court case.

Especially for couples who make a large annual income, if they are going through divorce it could be the difference between a huge sum of money and nothing if these records are obtained. These are especially useful in cases of adultery. A couple may be going through a divorce proceeding and want to use photo and text messages from their spouse’s phone to prove that they were cheating. This is the worst kind of betrayal and it is fortunate to have phone records to use in these sorts of situations.

There are a lot of people who are going ahead and obtaining other people’s phone records without their permission and certainly without any subpoena. Police can dig into phone records, as can your neighbors or even that guy walking past you on the street so long as they know your name and phone number. It is illegal for anyone to contact the phone company and assume another person’s identity in order to obtain such records, but people still do it. Particularly if you plan to use them in court, they will only be valid if you have obtained them legally.