Don’t Go Crazy With The Cold Weather Running Gear

You should always consider the weather whenever starting a running regimen. If you live in hot weather, for instance, you should consider running in a pair of light shorts and no shirt if you’re a male or a light workout shirt if you’re a female. If you live in colder weather, however, your running gear should be a little heavier. Cold weather running gear, however, doesn’t have to consist of a parka with a hat and boots, such as you would wear in a blizzard. Remember that you’re going to be running so your body temperature is going to naturally increase. If you wear too much cold weather running gear, you’re going to overheat and that could be potentially dangerous. When running outdoors in cold weather, your cold weather running gear should be just heavy enough to keep you warm but not too warm that you’re going to overdo it. There’s a careful balance that should be kept, and hopefully after reading this article you’ll know what to buy when you go out shopping for cold weather running gear.


You shouldn’t wear boots when you go out running in cold weather. Cold weather running gear should consist of a good pair of running shoes. Just remember that in cold weather, it’s common to have ice on the ground; or at least snow. Make sure your cold weather running gear consists of shoes with some great traction. Your shoes should also be comfortable to wear. You don’t want shoes that are too tight because you’ll get blisters and you don’t want them too loose or else they could come off. Make sure you try them on in the store so you can judge how comfortable they really are.

Cold Weather Running Gear Clothing

Cold weather running gear should consist of clothing that is just heavy enough to keep you from getting too cold. Some choose to run in shorts, but most people choose a good workout pair of pants. Your shirt can be either long sleeve or short sleeve depending on how cold it is but generally you’ll want to make sure all your skin is covered. If it’s too cold, you might want to wear a scarf to protect your neck and you’ll also want to wear a hat on your head. Some even like to carry a light pack on their backs so that they can remove any excess clothing that might make them too warm.

Just remember that you don’t need a lot of cold weather running gear because you’re going to warm up quickly when you get going. But you also don’t want to risk your health so try some different types of clothing (save money by going to the discount running gear bins) and soon you’ll find that health balance that will allow you to run in comfort; even in a colder climate.