Setting the Pace: Marathon Running Training

There are training steps that must be followed in how to run a marathon. If the person is not properly trained in body and mind for running the marathon they will not be able to thoroughly enjoy it and will also put themselves at risk of becoming injured during the race. Marathon running training manuals are easily found in books, magazines and on the internet. There are some forums where runners can talk to other runners about their training, asking questions and getting advice from those who are more experienced. The training required for marathon running differs depending on if the person has done marathons before or if they are new to the sport.

Marathon Running Training For Beginners

When a marathon runner begins first time training, there are some steps that he will need to follow. First, he will need to work himself up to running consistently for thirty minutes, no walking or stopping, before he will be ready to begin the sixteen week training schedule for the marathon. He will also need to sign up for the marathon at the beginning of the training to help to ensure that he will stay motivated when the training gets harder.

Once he is ready to begin the marathon runners’ training, then he will gradually work up to longer and longer distances with each week. Throughout the training, there will be three days of rest and four days of training. The goal of the first time marathon runner should not be to achieve a particular time but to finish the race and have fun with it. By refusing to set time goals, the marathon runner will be able to enjoy the training more thoroughly as well as the completion of the race.

In a basic week of training, the marathon runner will begin on Monday and run three miles. He will rest on Tuesday and then run four miles on Wednesday, three on Thursday and then rest on Friday. On Saturday, he will do his longest run of five miles and then rest again on Sunday. On the first week, the runner will do fifteen miles total. For each week after that he will increase the mileage through week thirteen when he will run thirty-eight miles in that week, with the longest run being on Saturday at twenty miles. For weeks fourteen through sixteen he will be tapering to the race day, allowing his body to stay in shape but also have enough rest for the day of the race.