A Guide to Get Help to Stop Smoking

We all know various health impacts of smoking, yet many of us continue with this habit. However, there are few who are willing to quit smoking, and adopt a better lifestyle. Quitting smoking reduces many health risks as it adversely affects almost every organ of the body, and deteriorates person’s health. It causes lung disease, stroke, heart disease, and cancers in many parts of the body.

How to Get Help To Stop Smoking

There are some challenges associated with quitting, hence people usually get help to stop smoking. When trying to quit, people feel few short-term symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, restlessness, difficulty in concentrating and sleeping, gaining weight and so on. You can get help to stop smoking from pharmacists, doctors and dentists, who can give the right information regarding benefits of quitting. They can explain the use of nicotine replacement therapy, and various side-effects associated with it.

There are various organizations and agencies that provide materials and information regarding helpful resources. You can get help to stop smoking from the local and state health agencies who can give information regarding community programs that help people quit smoking. The information can also be obtained from the community hospitals, public libraries, the yellow pages, health fairs, health maintenance organizations and community quitlines. Several National organizations and federal agencies provide information regarding how to quit smoking.

There are few nonprofit organizations from where you can get help to stop smoking, and these organizations offer materials on quitting smoking.

There are various helpline services offering their services, and you can call them up in order to get help to stop smoking. There are advisors who are trained to provide advice and help on how people can stop smoking, and they can also tell you about local cigarette stopping services in your area. There is also the option of webchat that enables you to chat live, to one of the team members, over the internet.

Once you have managed to get help to stop smoking, and have successfully quitted, you can support someone else who is willing to quit. You can help by keeping their morale high, arrange the social activities that do not give them the chance to smoke, and being cooperative without making negative comments.

If you are willing to quit, there are many products to help stop smoking. These products include stop smoking CDs and tapes, books, smokeless inhalers, nasal sprays, and pills. Chantix is a pill that needs to be taken twice a day for 12 weeks. It removes the pleasure of smoking and reduces the withdrawal symptoms.