A Guide To Ordering Contact Lenses Online

Ordering contact lenses online is easy, safe and economical. That’s why this is the preferred way for people to buy their lenses. But the ease with which you can order contact lenses online should not mean that you can get careless in how you go about the process. There are several precautions you need to take so as to be sure that the lenses you are buying are what you should be using. While there are unscrupulous online suppliers who can take you for a ride when you are ordering contact lenses online, a great deal of the dissatisfaction that people experience often comes from their own carelessness.

5 Steps To Ordering Contact Lenses Online

1. Ensure that the prescription you are using is recent. While some states mandate the validity of prescriptions, that period could extend to two years. Your vision can change every few months. Never use a prescription that is more than three or four months old. In fact, it is best to get your eyes checked just before ordering contact lenses online.

2. Make sure that your prescription is as detailed as possible. This will enable you to provide the maximum amount of information when ordering contact lenses online and also to cross check when they are delivered to ensure that you have received exactly what you ordered.

3. Insist on buying only the brand that your doctor has advised. There are many reputed companies making contact lenses and while they are all of good quality, each brand has its own unique features which may be why the doctor has recommended a particular brand. If, when ordering contact lenses online you are offered a substitute which is claimed to be the same as what you had asked for, check with your doctor before accepting it. This is especially important when ordering discount contact lenses online since quality is a key issue in these cases.

4. You will have to provide a lot of technical information from the prescription when ordering contact lenses online. Make sure that all the information you give is accurate. If you have any doubts about what the seller is asking for, get a clarification and if need be, confirm your response with the doctor before submitting it.

5. When ordering contact lenses online, always check on the expiration date of the lenses. Contact lenses have a fixed life and getting lenses which have almost expired means they are of little use to you. And using contact lenses that have expired can hurt your eyes and even cause long term vision problems.