Bifocal Contact Lenses Problem: What are the Most Common Problems?

Anyone who has worn contact lenses knows that there are often problems with the lenses that you have to deal with. Even if you are taking proper care of them as you should be, there may be occasions on which there is something wrong with the lenses and so it is best to be aware of what the possible bifocal contact lenses problems are before even getting your lenses to begin with.

The cost of bifocal contact lenses is enough to make people want to ensure that their contact lenses are going to last them as long as possible, and here are a few of the most commonly experienced bifocal contact lenses problems.

Different Bifocal Contact Lenses Problem

One of the most common bifocal contact lenses problems is actually not with the lenses themselves but with the eye problems that they can cause. When you are reusing your contact lenses, there are going to be bacteria that are on them and if you are not able to get rid of this bacteria with your cleaning solution, then you may end up developing some sort of an eye disease.

Another problem that you may have is the feeling of dirt or grit in the eye. This could be because there is actually dirt on the lens that you may not have noticed before putting it back in your eye, or because it is a new lens and you just have to get used to it.

Another bifocal contact lenses problem is a poor fitting lens. Contact lenses are all the same basic size, but there are some people who have larger or smaller pupils and eyes and in this case you may often find that you have poor fitting lenses. Make sure in this case that you talk around to a few different stores offering contact lenses and see what the sizes of their contact lenses are.

Corneal abrasions can occur as well as a result of wearing contact lenses. These are usually quite painful and are associated with light sensitivity and redness. If you are a woman and you have long fingernails, you are going to want to be especially careful when you are inserting and removing your contact lenses so that your nails don’t scratch your eyes.

If you really want to have some fun, you can always get some colored contact lenses that will really shock your friends when they see you.