Finding What Works For You: The Best Stop Smoking Program

If you are trying to quit smoking, chances are you have already heard what works for everyone else. One friend quit cold turkey and never looked back. Another person you know probably used the Nicorette patch with wonderful results. A cousin might have used the very same patch and had disastrous results. Someone else you know might have done yoga instead, another friend chewed gum, and another tried hypnosis. There are countless ways to try to (and succeed) quit smoking. However, each individual is uniquely different. Some people are truly addicted to the nicotine while others are addicted to the habit. Some smoke three cigarettes a day and others smoke three packs. The point is, there is no one best stop smoking program out there. What there is, however, is one best stop smoking program out there for you.

Finding Best Stop Smoking Program

For many people, finding the best stop smoking program out there for themselves is a process of trial and error. You might say you are going to quit cold turkey only to find yourself smoking again a week later. One way to cut back on this trial and error is to pick something and try your hardest to stick with it. For example, you could join group therapy. This is statistically one of the best stop smoking programs out there. You hold yourself accountable to the group and you do not want to let them down. Peer pressure does wonders for addictions—it can make them or break them! Use this peer pressure to your advantage and you will surely thrive.

Unfortunately, some people simply do not like groups or sharing personal information that would be shared at such a program. For people like that, buying a stop smoking program might be best. When you purchase a stop smoking program, it very well could be the best stop smoking program out there for you. You need to think about yourself and your personality before taking the step and making the purchase. If you are going to use Nicorette gum, ask yourself a few questions. Do you already chew gum? If so, this might not be the best stop smoking program because that does not allow you to trade the time you would be smoking for chewing gum. In addition, if you do not chew gum now, who’s to say that you will even enjoy the Nicorette gum? The bottom line is that you need to know yourself and what your basic needs are before deciding whether or not something is the best stop smoking program. Trial and error will undoubtedly occur even if you do try your hardest to know what is the best stop smoking program before implementing it.