How To Choose Color Contact Lenses Online?

Contact lenses were initially developed to enable people with weak vision to be able to see properly without wearing glasses. Different types of contact lenses have appeared over the years continually offering better vision and more user comfort. From using contact lenses to avoid the effect of wearing glasses has on the appearance to using contact lenses to enhance the appearance was but a small step. And so colored contact lenses came into being. These are now very popular – not just with movie stars and super models – and you can now buy color contact lenses online. While color contact lenses may be worn even by people with no vision problems, a prescription from an optometrist is required even for people without vision defects. This applies to both buying from a store and buying color contact lenses online. While buying color contact lenses online is easy and they will not harm your eyes, it is always better to get an expert opinion from a doctor before using them. Before you start looking for color contact lenses online you need to know the four distinct types of colored lenses available.

The Four Types Of Color Contact Lenses Available Online

The most common type of color contact lenses online are what are called “visibility tints.” These have slight green or blue tints to make them easy to see if they are dropped by accident. They do not change the color of the eye and tinted only for the convenience they offer in locating them.

One of the most popular colored lenses available from a contact lenses online store are “enhancement tints.” These have solid yet translucent colors that can enhance the existing color of the eye and are most effective with naturally green and blue eyes. You can get a range of these color contact lenses online with subtle shade variations which make them popular with women who do not what to change their eye color but enhance tints to match their clothes.

“Opaque color tints” is the third type of color contact lenses online that you can buy. These have solid colors and patterns that are intended to change the color of the eye. These are most popular with actors and models who need to change the color of their eyes for professional reasons. People in other professions normally do not use them since they will have to be worn continuously as sudden changes in eye color may look a bit odd.

Finally, you can get the light filtering type of color contact lenses online. These work like sunglasses and are popular with sportsmen like tennis players and golfers where the light filtering effect makes it easier to spot the colored balls.