How To Find The Best Ways To Stop Smoking Before You Get Pregnant

Are you are heavy smoker? If you are a heavy smoker and you want to have a baby, you better deal with your smoking problem right away. You need to find the best way to stop smoking before you have a baby. Studies show that mothers who smoke heavily while they are pregnant are more likely to suffer from miscarriage compared to those who do not smoke. Moreover, babies who are born to heavy smoking mothers are often sickly so if you value your child’s health, you should find natural ways to stop smoking. Yes, it may not be easy to quite smoking right away and you will most likely go through a lot of frustrations along the way but if you are determined to be nicotine free by the time you have your baby, you will find a way to stay on the right course. Always bear in mind that the best ways to stop smoking always come with a price.

Set A Goal And Stick To Your Goal No Matter What

If you want to have a baby, you need to make a strong resolve to quit smoking. Remember that the best way to stop smoking is to stand firm with your decision to quit. Set a goal as to when you want to have your baby and make sure that before that time comes, you are already nicotine free. Tell yourself that if you do not quit smoking at a certain point, you should not have your baby at all. Yes, that really sounds harsh but then again, if the best way to stop smoking is for you impose steep punishments like these, then so be it. If you really want to have a baby, you will do everything in your power to quite smoking.

Learn Constructive Ways To Deal With Stress

Many experts agree that the best way to stop smoking is for you to recognize your weaknesses and work towards overcoming your weaknesses. If you smoke when you are stressed out, you need to make a firm resolve to find other ways to deal with your stress. Smoking may help you relax but it can have some lasting negative effects on your body and your baby. Instead of smoking a few sticks of cigarettes to ease your stress, take a walk or do some yoga exercises. Walking and doing yoga exercises will not only help relieve stress, it will also help take your mind of smoking.