Basic Witchcraft Protection Spells You Can Use

Using witchcraft protection spells can be an incredibly helpful, for a number of different situations. Through television and movies and what they depict witchcraft to be, it is no surprise that so many people think of it differently than they should. There is a lot of good and help that can come from witchcraft spells for instance if you were to use a witchcraft protection spell such as one to help guard you from negativity in your life. For this spell you will need 2 green candles, 1 white candle, a picture of a wolf, essential oil of your choice, consecrated salt and water, some wine or milk and some cakes.

You can use milk if you do not have any wine on hand and once you have everything you need set up in front of you, there is a chant you will need to say out loud slowly and strongly. You have to believe it when you are saying it or it will not work and the chant is candles three, green and white, bring protection here this night. Then you continue with bring protection here this night, the moon is full the sky is clear. Misfortune and evil disappear.

The mighty wolf shall ever reign and be protected from harm and bane. To finish the chant you say come hither, come hither, spirits of the wolf strong and great. Be guarded by this circle and throughout your life and once you are done chanting it should work and you should be protected from evil throughout your life. A lot of people find that they are dealing with slander because someone is jealous or has vengeance against them for some reason.

This can be very hurtful and this spell will help you to so you will no longer have to worry about people slandering your name. This spell is not going to harm them so you are not doing anything wrong, all it is going to do is stop them from saying mean things about you. For this witchcraft protection spell you simply take two candles, one black and one white, and set one on each side of you. You need to be standing at an altar and then you inscribe the name of the person bothering you into one of the candles.

Once you roll the black candle in your hands this is going to keep you safe from that person´s slander so you can stop having to worry about it. Remember, witchcraft protection spells do tend to be a bit more complex than your basic love or prosperity spells. Also keep in mind that these spells are not used with the aim of harming someone else but instead to protect yourself from other people if they are being mean or trying to cause harm to you and your life in some way. Witchcraft protection spells are easy to follow and they really do work.