Basic Witchcraft Spells

If you think that witchcraft is all about bringing harm to people and cackling while stirring a boiling pot then you are sadly mistaken. Witchcraft, or black magic as it is also referred to, is actually a quite serious thing and there are lots of different spells that work effectively. Witchcraft is not only used for bad purposes and in fact there are lots of positive, happy spells as well that you can use. In fact, there are quite a few positive witchcraft spells.

This is a simple love spell that will work for anyone. This is also a good spell to get started with if you have never done any witchcraft before. That includes a sheet of lined paper, perfume, an envelope and some red lipstick. You will also need some pink or red flower petals and once you have all your materials get started by writing down some qualities that are important for you to find in a suitor.

Think seriously about this before writing them out because the point of this love spell is to find someone that is a true love for you. Therefore you do not want to focus on all the physical aspects you are looking for in that person for instance because you may find out that you get a suitor whose personality you cannot stand. Once you have made your list take the petals in your right hand and close your eyes. You want to imagine yourself with this person and think of how happy you will be once you are together, then within the next few weeks this person should come to you in one way or another.

Another fun witchcraft spell you can try out is one for making up with your partner. Another popular spell has to do with helping couples to make up after they had a fight. It may be their fault or yours but if you are concerned with getting your relationship back on track, this is one of the best witchcraft spells you can use. You simply take a picture of them and place it face down on a purple plate made of glass.

They should call or come to your door by that time and if not you want to try this again. If after three times you have still not heard from them you should go and see them. They may not have been able to get a hold of you but this spell would have made their feelings towards you change and they will have forgiven you. You will not have to worry about them yelling at you because the spell will have worked and their feelings towards you will be back the way they used to be.