Getting Started In Traditional Witchcraft

Anyone can get started in traditional witchcraft if they want to. There is nothing dangerous about witchcraft and most people have the wrong idea about it. This is actually not the case at all and there are a lot of really great, positive traditional witchcraft spells as well. This is not going to hurt anyone it is just going to make someone fall in love with you.

You will have to know the person because you need to get a piece of their hair and a picture of them as well as a purple glass plate. Then you want to put the picture face down on a purple glass plate for about fifteen minutes. The hair should be placed on top of the back of the picture and by fifteen minutes time the person should have called you, come to your house or otherwise gotten a hold of you. This spell will only work if you are able to get the person’s hair and picture of course so if you are not or if you are just not sure of who you want to get to fall in love with you, there are other spells that would work better.

There is another love spell that works well and which would be easier if you were not able to get these items from the person. Gather together lipstick, perfume, a piece of paper, red marker and some rose petals. You want to start by using the marker and paper to write down some qualities of an ideal partner what you are looking for in a person. Think of things like charisma, gentleness and maybe nice blue eyes.

Then you want to fold this paper up and put it in the envelope, place the rose petals in as well and seal it up. Seal it up, apply the lipstick to your mouth and kiss the back of the envelope. This love spell has worked for many people already and can for you too. Keep it somewhere tucked away where no one is going to find it and remember never to open it.

Your true love should come around shortly after, someone with all the different qualities that you had listed. Witchcraft spells are supposed to be for the good and not making someone do something that is going to cause them harm or problems in their life. There are a lot of great things you can do using witchcraft. Most people believe in witchcraft and these are a few spells you can try out easily at home.