How To Use Witchcraft Protection Spells To Guard Yourself Against Negativity

A lot of people still have witchcraft in the wrong light in their minds. Through television and movies and what they depict witchcraft to be, it is no surprise that so many people think of it differently than they should. For instance there is a wolf protection spell that is supposed to keep you strong and safe throughout your life. All you need is a picture of a wolf or some wolves, some essential oil of any kind of your choosing, two green candles and one white candle, consecrated salt and water and some wine.

Once you have everything you need you are ready to go. You say candles three, green and white. Bring protection here this night. The mighty wolf shall ever reign.

The mighty wolf shall ever reign and be protected from harm and bane. Be guarded by this circle and throughout your life. Be guarded by this circle and throughout your life. There are a lot of other witchcraft protection spells that work well such as the anti slander spell.

This spell is used to protect yourself from people who are slandering your name or otherwise trying to bring you down. You will need to get a dark altar, two candles one black and one white, a pair of scissors, spider webs, pen and paper, calming incense like lavender and some juice from the Dieffenbachia plant. You put one candle on each side of you and you will write the name of the person who is bothering you into the candle. You need to be standing at an altar and then you inscribe the name of the person bothering you into one of the candles.

A pair of scissors, pen or other similar instrument would work fine for this. Remember, witchcraft protection spells do tend to be a bit more complex than your basic love or prosperity spells. As soon as you do this while imagining them in your head, you will be putting a stop to the slander of your name. You should only use witchcraft spells in the best light and use them to bring positivity to your life.