Learning About Witchcraft Spells

There is a lot more to witchcraft than a couple of wart faced witches sitting around a boiling pot. Witchcraft, or black magic as it is also referred to, is actually a quite serious thing and there are lots of different spells that work effectively. Perhaps the worst misconception about witchcraft is that it is something which is only used for the bad. In fact, one of the most popular witchcraft spells is a simple love spell to help people find that special person to spend the rest of their life with.

For the basic love spell to make a suitor come to you, there are a few supplies you will need. One of the most commonly turned to love spells is the simple love spell. For anyone just getting into witchcraft this one would be ideal to get started with. That includes a sheet of lined paper, a red pen or marker and some red or pink rose petals.

Think seriously about this before writing them out because the point of this love spell is to find someone that is a true love for you. You may be interested in them having blue eyes and a great smile but also put down qualities regarding their personality that you want. Once you have done this you want to take the flower petals in your right hand and make sure it is the correct hand or this will not work, then close your eyes and think of meeting the person of your dreams and being so happy. Once you have your list you put it in the envelope with the rose petals and kiss it after you have applied the lipstick.

You need to put the envelope away and never open it or the spell will be broken. If you have had a tiff with the one you love and they do not seem to want to forgive you, you can use a purple glass plate and a picture of the person to make them come back to you. This spell requires much less materials to work and you only need a purple plate and a picture of your partner. You simply take a picture of them and place it face down on a purple plate made of glass.

Keep an eye on the time because you do not want to go over 15 minutes each time but before the first 15 minutes they should have called you. If after three times you have still not heard from them you should go and see them. You should not try more than three times and it just may be that they are unable to get a hold of you so give them a call. These are just a couple of really easy and fun witchcraft spells that you can try out.