The Positivity Of White Witchcraft Spells

More people than ever before have taken an interest in witchcraft. This is in fact not the case at all and there are actually two completely separate types of witchcraft that one can practice. There is the black magic side of things which most people are used to seeing, especially through movies and television. This is where the problems come into play because once you are forcing anyone to do anything against their will you are going to end up dealing with karma.

These are all spells that are about positivity and improving one´s life. There are no white witchcraft spells that are used to bring someone else down or cause them harm because this is not what it is all about. Just make sure that you follow the four basic rules of white witchcraft. The first involves life and making sure that you live yours as full and enjoyed as possible.

There are so many dreams we all have and you can use white witchcraft spells to help you gain achievements in life. Whether you want to get accepted into a particular school, improve your grades or do anything else that is going to help improve your life overall there are white witchcraft spells that can help you with this. The second rule is to love as much as you can and if you are lonely and want to find someone who is going to be your partner in life, there is a really basic love spell you can try. All you need is a purple glass plate and a picture of the person you want to be your suitor.

Before the time has gone by that person should have called or you dropped by. Learning is the third rule and absolutely one of the cornerstones of white witchcraft. There are so many things a person will learn in life but some people just pass them over and that is not what you should be doing. The rule to learn means you should be doing so much more than that and should be becoming a better person as your live goes on.

Finally there is the rule of enjoying and if you are not positive and enjoying what you do when you are practicing witchcraft, this is when there could be problems. If you are going to be involved in witchcraft you need to be happy and positive or you are not going to get the results you want. More and more people are taking an interest in witchcraft and wondering why they did not get into this before. White witchcraft can be a lot of fun and effective at helping you get what you want, if you follow these four basic rules.