Understanding Witchcraft Laws

Witchcraft laws have eased in the 20th century resulting in increase of contemporary witchcraft practices, involving the use of magic and other methods to control unforeseen forces such as spirits and forces of nature. The outcome of such practices has resulted in spiritual healing, development of natural medicines and newer cures in the area of herbalism and aromatherapy. In this article we will explore the laws governing witchcraft and the spiritual techniques that are adopted to perform these practices. In witchcraft, magic means harmony with the natural forces of the universe.

Contemporary witchcraft has some set of basic guidelines laid down, which we need to understand for the betterment of the human kind. The first guideline is “Love”, which tells us that the rituals of witchcraft should not be used to harm others. The only way we can harm others is in the form of deeds, words or even thoughts, but physical form is not allowed when adopting contemporary witchcraft. While practicing such craft, we need to learn the laws governing them, and recognize the forces involved so that these forces can be attuned as per our requirement.

Contemporary witchcraft involves harmonizing forces of universe and to follow the Law of Polarity to understand its meaning and use. The law stands on the principle that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and the acts carried out in practicing witchcraft is active or reactive in outcome. The second law explains the cause and effect relationship between the actions and practices of witchcraft. Great powers bring great responsibilities, hence if the necessary precautions are not taken while performing witchcraft, it can corrupt minds leading to the destruction of humanity.

Proper use of techniques is important and should be adherent to the laws of practicing witchcraft. With proper guidance, it is possible to harness the potential which is already prevalent in human beings, but is in dormant state for them to understand. The Law of Polarity and the law of cause and effect, clearly states that if the techniques are not properly used, they can cause harm to others and to oneself. Keeping human kind into perspective, contemporary witchcraft laws have been adopted for the betterment of society.

The positive aspect of witchcraft is its ability to cure ills of life and to keep the body harmonized with the forces of nature. However we should not interfere with life of others, on the pretext of healing. This act must be done with permission, non-interference and ethical existence with full responsibilities.